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 A mobile online web presence is the future of business.

We make websites that are more than websites - we make good-looking, easy-to-navigate websites that get found by the search engines. That means your website gets seen - and, looks good when it is.

We specialize in UI (User Interface) Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), UX (User Experience), web design, development of database driven websites, applications, content management systems, corporate intranet applications, usability, accessibility, Human Factors Engineering, Human / Computer Interaction (HCI), and search engine strategy for corporate entities, highly successful small businesses, and select non-profit organizations.

We have worked for some of the best companies on the planet, and there's a reason for that - it is because we care enough to do the kind of work that gets the results that leaders in their respective industries expect.

Don't trust your online presence to hobbyist web designers, or people that have taken a 6-week crash course in web development basics. You need real experience on your side - experience that was gained in the corporate world, in real-life online application design and development. Everyone at is carefully screened for experience, knowledge, proficiency, and competency. Everyone at is thoroughly background checked to insure they do not have criminal records, and that they are 100% drug free.

Getting Noticed - "Findability"

Be found. We've coined a term - "Findability" - it's just what it sounds like it would be: being able to be found.

That's especially important online.

If you have a physical location for your business, you already understand the adage "location, location, location" - but, the internet is a different business arena - online, your location is virtual, instead of physical. And that means having the best "location" is having the best findability.

The websites we design and build are uniquely created to enhance findability - we know how to give you great-looking, dynamic, powerful, and impactful websites that the search engines love - that's because we follow the rules set by the major search engines to avoid getting your website penalized.

White Hat, Black Hat - Being a straight shooter where it really counts.

Good guys, bad guys The art and science of getting you found online is known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. We are formally trained and certified in SEO, and we only use ethical SEO techniques, so you don't get penalized by the search engines.

Many SEO companies will employ "Black-Hat" SEO techniques - methods that will get your website penalized by the major search engines. This is referred to as being "in the sandbox" - the most unenviable situation a company can be in, online. This means that the search engines have detected unethical SEO techniques being implemented, and as a result, they won't index your website.

That means you will not be found. At ALL.

About Black Hat SEO

Most unethical SEO companies, or "black-hat" SEO companies, have a business model that works something like this: They contact you, and they may allude to "special relationships" with Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, or other search engines. Or, they'll make wild promises that sound too good to be true. Usually, for a much lower price than legitimate SEO firms. And, by the way, they promise to design and develop your website for 75% less than a legitimate design and development firm. Watch out for these guys.

They can often get dramatic search results quickly, because they will post hundreds, or thousands, of low-quality links on low-reputation websites designed for such shady purposes. When these sites get indexed, they find these links, which gives a very, very short-term boost in page rank - BUT - will, without exception, get your website penalized when the search engines perform a deep index within a few days. By that time, you've already paid them, and the black-hat SEO scam artists are long gone. Then, there's the website - they'll deliver a website, usually late, that is substandard. What they won't tell you, is that it only looks right in one browser.

This is one reason why our firm will NEVER "offshore" your job - your company is important to you, and it's important to us, too. Too important to trust to untrained amateurs with virtually no accountability after the job is done. We design standards-compliant websites that render correctly in all browsers, won't be full of misspelled words or other typographical errors, and won't get you in trouble with the search engines.

So, what's the best strategy, then?

Strategic steps The best thing you can do is to have a website that has the following attributes:

  • Well-designed, and aesthetically pleasing
  • Accessible (Section 508 and ADA compliant)
  • Adheres to standard for good User Experience (UI / UX / usability)
  • Correctly coded to established W3C standards and best practices
  • Coded to be cross-browser compliant
  • Relevant to your industry (high SEO impact)
  • Unique Content - (NOT "sweatshop boilerplate" content)
  • Optimized for searchability / indexability using ETHICAL SEO methods
As long as you avoid "black-hat"SEO methods, your site will not be penalized by the search engines, and will rise steadily in rank. Factors such as industry, freshness of content, and competition in your sector of industry for your desired geographical area play into the equation - but, you are not likely to be able to be consistently found, in the long term, without professional SEO help.

Our firm's certified SEO engineers exclusively employ ethical, or "white-hat" SEO techniques. This has proven, by an overwhelming margin, to provide long-term search index findability. In contrast to "black-hat" SEO companies,we don't have hundreds of "smurfs" posting spam links that will get you highly rated for a week, and permanently penalized by the search engines. By helping you to be relevant to your industry's customers, we get the results you need, in a way that complies with internet best practices and established standards and conventions.

What this all means for your company is this: Your website gets found when someone goes online searching for providers of the goods or services your company offers - over the long term, because you're relevant to your customers' searches. That translates to visits to your website, or "online traffic" - and that translates into sales.

After all: you became a success by doing the right thing. Why change now?

Contact us today to get started - we will perform a free business needs analysis for you, and put together a plan of action that will make sense for your company.

Don Demrow, Our Founding Developer / Information Architect

Don started his internet design career in early 1998, in Munich, Germany while still attending college for Computer Management / Information Services. He worked for top-tier advertising, web design / development / new media companies in Germany for several years, until returning back to his home state of Wisconsin near the end of 2000.

Some of Don's career highlights have been projects for Citi, The State of Wisconsin, Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, and RTL Television Networks. He was also the primary web developer for the German, Swiss, and Austrian version of the Microsoft OEM System Builders' website, and he worked on the creation and maintenance of the German Formula One Racing website, "" which was the number one Formula One website in all of Europe in 2000.

More than 23 years of user-centered design / information architecture and development experience in the USA and Europe has given Don the expertise necessary to offer the design, the usability, the functionality, and the search engine ranking your company needs to be dominant in your business space - the kind of expertise you can only get from a seasoned, senior UI web designer / developer.

Don has an extensive proven track record in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and is a strong proponent of usability, section 508 accessibility, and adherence to validation and coding standards (W3C) and practices that facilitate cross-browser compatibility. is a web design and development firm focusing on ethical web marketing, web design, and web development. The firm handles web design, development, and search engine optimization for clients anywhere in North America. offers free quotes on projects of all sizes.

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